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December 12, 2022

For those of you who live in Korea, do you often use Kakao Gifts to send gift to others?

There is a new way for sending gifts, using gift coupons that can be used at local stores. The app is '두구두구'. No more franchise store, let's find food and beverage at local store in our home area.


Since 1 November 2022, Seoul City has launched new app "두구두구", the mobile gift coupon app to be used in non franchise or local restaurant and cafe near your living area. This project aims to develop the local stores, for the first launched they focus at Mangwon area, Seoul.

The app is 'dugudugu' (두구두구) because it has similiar pronunciation with 'dugen dugen' (두근두근) which has meaning of heartbeat sound. So the name of app has meaning of excitement when exchanging gifts, and also the meaning of warm care, "I give you the gift where located closed to you."

두구두구 app


This app is written in Korean Language, so I hope this article can be useful for you. The first step that you need to INSTALL and SIGN IN on the '두구두구', you may get this app on play store or app store. Through this app, we may purchase the coupon for yourself (내게 선물하기) or you can give/get it as a gift (선물하기).

Let's say you get coupon as a gift via Kakao Talk, let me tell you HOW to USE it!

1. Click the 'Get a Gift' (선물 받기) on your Kakao Talk

I am so lucky get a gift by 두구두구, the proud of being a Mangwon-dong resident. So, the coupon from 두구두구 can be send by using Kakao Talk. After click the '선물 받기' then the gift will be automatically added to the app.

두구두구 connecting with Kakao Talk

2. Open the '두구두구' app and click the 'gift box' (선물함)

Don't forget to sign-in and find the gift coupon on the gift box. This is what I get!

The gift coupon

3. Click the purple box name 'using gifticon' (선물 사용하기), QR Code for scan payment

Before using the gift, don't forget to check the store information. I got a gift to use at 'Diggers Coffee' (디거스커피). The app informed details information about the store, such as pictures, map, phone number, operational hours, parking area info, menu, and review. No need to worry about because all the information needed is in the app. I just found this cafe! 

Details information about the store

Then let's go to the store and using this gift coupon! So easy, we just only scan the QR Code, then we ready to enjoy the gift!

Scan the Barcode


The Taste

Let's try the scones as written on the coupon. It tried 3 types of scones: chocolate, cheese, and mugwort. My favorite is the chocolate one. My friend and I order drinks, ice tea and lemon ide for additional. Love to know I find tasty scones in my home area.

Scones and drinks

The Ambience

This cafe has 2 floors, on the 1st floor and the basement. The counter is on the 1st floor with green decorations and a small Christmas tree. Meanwhile, on the basement floor, there are various types of seats with different color. I like they preference of the music, they chose some slow music to be played. 

Taking photos here? Definitely. I feel like in the Art Museum, the whole place in here is artistically designed and have several paintings in. I recommend you to take pictures here. The 'Diggers' is in another taste of art!

First Floor

Basement Floor

Basement Floor


Because it just the beginning, let's get many discount for using the 두구두구 app. All products are discounted by 3,000 won and up to 5,000 won. Go sign-up and try various of food and beverages in your area especially Mangwon through 두구두구 app! Don't miss it!

The Event

Seoul, 12 December 2022

** This activity was supported by 두구두구 app, and the article above is based on personal experience.

** 체험단에 선정되어 상품 제공 받아 작성한 솔직후기 입니다. 

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  1. 두구두구 기사 멋져요!! 망원동생활상권 블로그에도 자주 놀러와 주세요 ^^


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