Kkotji Beach and Grandma Grandpa Rocks Taean

August 05, 2022

There is a famous beach in Taean Anmyeondo called Kkotji Beach. The Kkotji Beach is special not only the view of beach especially sunset, but also because this place also has two rocks. The rocks are called 'Halmi Halabibawi Rock' (Grandma Grandpa Rocks) and has legend behind it. You may find the story about this rocks at the end of this article.

Through this article, I would like to share sunset photos in Kkotji Beach with Grandma Grandpa Rocks background. My friends and I tried various type of photos that were suitable for various groups: self photo, couple photos, and group photos.

Disclaimer: Couple photos are purely fictitious, these photos are examples that can be used as a reference for you who come with a partner.

Kkotji Beach and Grandma Grandpa Rocks (꽃지해수욕장 - 할미할아비바위)

Chungnam Taean-gun Anmyeondo Seungeon-ri 충남 태안군 안면읍 승언리

*click here for the map*

Self Photo

Find various spots to take sunset photo. You also may to take a photo with the birds, buy a shrimp snack and give it to the birds, then they will approach you.

Couple Photos 

Disclaimer: Couple photos are purely fictitious, these photos are examples that can be used as a reference for you who come with a partner.

Group Photos

Try a lot various poses with your friends, also you may make a dance challenge videos here.

Click here to find our dance challenge video.

About Grandma Grandpa Rocks (할미할아비바위) at Kkotji Beach

this story reference on K-Heritage News

In the old days, Jang Bogo established a forward base in Anmyeondo, exactly in Gyeonseungpo, and a person named Seungeon was appointed to govern the base. Seung-eon had a wife named Mido. He loved and cherished her so much that he would always be with her wife even when taking a walk. Then one day, Seung-eon is ordered to lead the army and advance north. He was very sorry to have to separate from his wife, but he could not violate the order, so he promised his wife that he would return soon and immediately led the military ship to the north.

After that day, Mido climbed the Gyeonseungpo Rock and waited for her husband to return for many days. But he did not return, and Mido died while waiting for her husband on the rock. The rock changed as Mido stood looking far away waiting for her husband. It has become a dead stone. Since then, this rock has been called Halmibawi Rock (Grandma Rocks).

One day, a storm broke and thunder seemed to break the sky, and a large rock stood tall next to Halmibawi Rock, so this rock was called Halabibawi Rock (Grandpa Rock). Since then, these two rocks have been called Halmi Halabibawi Rock (Grandma Grandpa Rocks), and the name Seung Eon-ri is also believed to have originated from his name because a person named Seung Eon lived here.

The Halmi and Halabi Rock become islands on the sea at high tide and are connected to the land at low tide to provide a varied and diverse view that changes several times a day, as well as the sunset view behind the rock in harmony with the sandy dunes and sea of the beach.

Taean, 9 July 2022

*This trip is sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization (@travel_league_) in '2022 청년관광공모전 트래블리그' project.

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