2 Days in Taean Anmyeondo

August 03, 2022

Do you ever heard about Taean? How about Anmyeondo?

Come to visit Taean, Anmyeondo for 2 days, and find the pleasure. I went to Taean with 2 of my friends on summer holiday. We tried to find information about Taean and what can be done there based on websites and SNS written by Koreans. I think Taean is still considered 'hidden gems' for foreigners, because there is not much foreigners know about this place. Therefore, my friends and I made an itinerary and activities based on how Koreans usually spend their time in Taean.

So, I would like to share our journey spending 2 Days in Taean. Let's play likes Korean!

South Chungcheong, Taean, Anmyeondo

충청남도 태안 안면도

Itinerary for 2 Days Trip in Taean, Anmyeondo

Day 1: Lunch with Crab Soup -> Mudflat Experience -> Spend night in Pensions and BBQ

Day 2: Morning Day: Look Surounding and Breakfast -> Hydrangea Festival  -> Anmyeondo Fish Market: Lunch and Local Snacks -> Cafe -> Sunset in Kktoji Beach -> Dinner


The first day is an experience day. We did not visit tourist attractions in Taean except the place for mudflat experience. So, before the activity, we agreed to had lunch with crab soup which has a lot of portions. Taking a set menu is the best choice for lunch, especially who comes in a group. We choose Crab Soup (게국지), and get side dishes like soy sauce marinated crab (간장게장), spicy marinated crab (양념게장), shrimp, and rice.

Location: Anmyeondo Kkotji Crab Soup (안면도맛집 꽃지꽃게집), click here for the map.

Price: 90,000won for 3 person.

See more about 'Things to Eat in Taean' here.

Then let's continue to the activity: Mudflat Experience. Mudflat Experience is an activity that can be done on a muddy beach, by looking for various marine animals such as shells. In Korea, the mudflat experience is also known as clam catching. This is our first experience in life, and we tried in Taean, South Korea. Such a unforgettable experience!

Location: Gagyeongju Village (가경주체험마을), click here for the map.

Price: 10,000won.

See more about 'Mudflat Experience in Taean' here.

After the Mud Flat Experience activity, let's spend a night in Taean Pensions and have a BBQ. We can cook the clam at the pensions as part of dinner. So, we take the BBQ dinner that has been provided by the pensions, also eat the clams with noodles. Btw, we bought the noodles and other ingredients in mart before having a dinner. Don't forget to buy some snack-drinks to eat at night while chatting and playing board games with friends. This pensions provide some board games that we may to use.

See more about what to do in pensions in 'Staycation in Taean Pensions' here.

The Clam into Clam Noodles



Morning Day: Look Surrounding and Breakfast

We have time in the morning until 11am, before check-out. So, we take some morning walk to look around surrounding areas of pensions and take a breakfast. You may to wake up early and skip your breakfast either, the morning schedule is up to you. But I recommended you to do these morning activities, because I also didn't plan to do that before, but feel very lucky to be able to do this things in the morning.

First, because I get to know the surrounding area, there is another local village in Taean called "Otjeomhang (옷점항)". Second,  I leave the pensions with full energy because the pensions provided breakfast in bread, egg, juice or milk.

Taean Hydrangea Festival, Korea Flower Park

With full energy and neat makeup, we headed to the first tourist spot today: Hydrangea Festival or 2022 Taean Hydrangea Flower Exhibition. This festival located in Korea Flower Park (코리아플라워파크), near Kktotji Beach. We enjoyed the first visit by taking a mobile cart inside the park, and after that choose the spots that we are gonna taking photos.

Location: Korea Flower Park (코리아플라워파크), click here for the map.

Price: Adult 5,000 won (include parking free); Mobile cart 3,000 won

See more about Photo Spots in Korea Flower Park here

Lunch, Snack and Drinks

After enjoy the Hydrangea Festival, we move to Anmyeondo Fish Market to have a lunch and try local snacks. We find the seafood kalguksu (해물 칼국수) just beside the market with the affordable price. After that you may try the local snacks 'fried seafood' that sold here.

Location of the seafood kalguksu restaurant: Taean, Anmyeon-eup Jeongto-ro 90.

See more about our lunch and local snacks here.

The Seafood Kalguksu

Fried Seafood

We still have time before having a sunset in Kkotji Beach, that's why we go to the cafe with ambience after lunch. We need to take a rest for a while, drink a cold water, and share our taken photos. So, we find a cafe 'Travel Break Coffee' because we find it beautiful and has it ambience from the websites. In my personal opinion, this cafe really has their ambience, but not for the taste. So, if you come to find the tasty drinks, you may to visit other cafes.

Location: Travel Break Coffee, 충남 태안군 안면읍 등마루1길 125, click here for the map.

Sunset in Kkotji Beach

The closing of our trip in Taean: Kkotji Beach (꽃지해수욕장). In Kkotji Beach, we fill find not only the beach but also the rocks name 'Halbaebawi and Halmaebawi (Grandpa & Grandma Rocks)'. This rocks has a story about a wife named Mido, who waiting his husband return then turning into a stone. Then both of them become the stone.

Location: Taean-gun Anmyeon-eup Seongonri 충남 태안군 안면읍 승언리, click here for the map.

See more about Kkotji Beach and Grandma Grandpa Rocks here.

Sunset in Kktoji Beach with 'Halbaebawi and Halmaebawi' background


- This trip to Taean was carried out for 2 days, where the first day was specifically for activities and the second day was exploring tourist attractions and taking pictures. So we chose different outfit for these days.

- Tips for Mudflat Experience, you may check another articles here.

- Don't forget to check out the things provided in pensions. We bought some ingredients and snack-drink on mart surroundings to fulfill our dinner and staycation.

- If you travel like our itinerary to the Anmyeondo area, it's best to use a car inside the city. There is a city bus, but the schedule can't be checked on apps like Kakao and Naver, you have to find the schedule on terminal or ask local.

Taean, 8-9 July 2022

*This trip is sponsored by Korea Tourism Organization (@travel_league_) in project as 2022 청년관광공모전 트래블리그

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