One Day Trip in Oido Siheung

July 27, 2022

A trip to see the beach in one day by taking the subway? Come to Oido Beach in Gyeonggi Province!

There is an area called Oido which is located in the Siheung City, Gyeonggi. The Oido area is connected to Seoul subway line 4, which station is also called Oido Station. What is the interesting things about Oido?

We can see the beach, sunset with a sea background, and taste affordable seafood in Oido, in a short time and just by using the subway from Seoul. A trip to Oido can be done in just one day, even we started the trip from lunch. So if you are bored and want to see the beach, Oido can be an alternative place for relaxing.

Oido Station -> Lunch Grilled Clam Set ->  Oido Traditional Fish Market -> Walk along Oido Coast and Experience -> Haeneom-i Cafe -> Oido Station

1. Oido Station

We started our journey at 11am from Oido Station, and take a local bus no. to Oido Beach. Only 20-30 minutes to Oido Beach.

2. Lunch: Grilled Clam Set

There are a lot of seafood restaurant along Oido Coast, you may pick one of them. Anyway, I went to 청춘조개본점 and we try the set menu "명품조개구이한상". We even didn't take pictures properly because we are so happy eat seafood with large portions and good services.

Location here: Oido-ro 199-1 경기 시흥시 오이도로 199-1

3. Oido Traditional Fish Market (오이도전통수산시장)

Don't forget to visit Fish Market to see the ambience of the market. They not only sell a variety of marine animals but also sell side dishes from seafood.

Location here: Oidosijang-ro 8 경기 시흥시 오이도어시장로 8 오이도종합어시장

The Market Ambience

4. Walk Along Oido Coast and Experience

Find the Arts and Unique points along Oido Coast. The order for exploring the coast of Oido can be this course below or the reverse.

Location here Oido-ro 170 경기 시흥시 오이도로 170


OASIS-Oido Marine Observatory (오이도 함상전망대) -> Song of Sunset Observatory (노을의 노래 전망대) -> "Wind-Human" Art -> Oido Red Lighthouse (오이도 빨강등대) -> Tree of Life Observatory (생명의 나무 전망대)

OASIS-Oido Marine Observatory

Song of Sunset Observatory

 "Wind-Human" Art

Oido Red Lighthouse (오이도 빨간등대), is located just across the Traditional Fish Market. Go to the observatory to see Oido areas: the beach, the port, and the city. Then, have a time to do experience in the 1st floor.

There are experiences to make sun catcher, soap, mood lamp, and stand photos. Find your interesting one, only for 5,000won. We enjoyed our times to making one of the experience here, upload it to SNS and get 5,000won cafe coupon!

The Experience
View of Oido Beach from Red Lighthouse Observatory

Oido Red Lighthouse

The Tree of Life Observatory (생명의 나무 전망대) is located not too far from Oido Red Lighthouse and Oido Market. We keep this one for the last to see the afternoon view of observatory light and the city. So, we come back again to this area after cafe around sunset.

The Tree of Life Observatory

5. Haeneom-i Cafe (해넘이 카페)

This place is located just beside the park, but we have to take the rightest way to go there. Relax for a moment with a cold drink and cake while looking up at the bright clouds. In this cafe, there is a 'Stairs to Heaven', one of the photo zones with Oido Beach and sky background. It is also look prettier on sunset time.

Ah ya, you may also take a picnic theme here, actually my friend and I wanted to take a picnic set here, but we cancelled our plan because the sun was too hot at that time.

Location here: Haesongsibri-ro 61, 경기 시흥시 해송십리로 61

The sunset view from Haenaem-i Cafe

The Stairs to Heaven

Note: If you have a time, you may also visit or experience these things

- Take a mobile cart to enjoy the scenary of Oido Coast. The cart is standy by near the Oido Red Lighthouse. We planned to take it after lunch, but unfortunately it was open after sunset. Too dark to enjoy the beach scenary. 

- Have a picnic set on the Haeneom-i Cafe when the weather is nice. We cancelled the plan because of the strong sun.

- Visit the Siheung Oido Museum. 

Oido Siheung City, 15 July 2022

This trip is sponsored by Gyeonggi Province as '2022 별빛유량단 서포터즈'.

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