Oido Red Craft Experience, Gyeonggi

July 31, 2022

What else can you do besides enjoying beach breeze at Oido Beach?

I would like to recommend one of the activities name "Oido Red Craft". The activity is making crafts related to the sea. There are 4 kinds of craft that can be done, choose one according to your preference. There are 1) Sun Catcher, 2) Soap, 3) Mood Lamp, and 4) Photo Stand.

Let's follow our story of making crafts in this article!

Oido Red Craft (오이도 등대공방)

at Oido Red Observatory, 1st floor, Oido Beach

One experience for 5,000won.

First. Find the Oido Red Observatory

The Oido Red Observatory is located in the central of Oido Beach, just across the Oido Traditional Market. Come to the first floor, and find the Oido Red Craft here. 

Don't forget to go to Observatory to find the view of Oido Beach and City.

Oido Red Observatory

Oido Beach and Port from Oido Beach Observatory

Second. Choose your Craft Type

There are 4 craft offered in Oido Red Craft. The officer said that the most popular was the mood lamp, but unfortunately when we went there it was not available. So I chose to make Soap while my friend made Sun Catcher. 

Next, buy and take the equipment from the craft finding machine in front of the observatory. The finding machine is a drink machine. So, you may insert the money or using card, press the desired craft button, and the equipment will come out in the form of a box.

4 Craft Types

The Craft Finding Machine

Ready for Craft Making?

Third. Craft Making Time!

I make soap so I need to melt the bar of soap until it comes together and forms a flat. To melt it, just squeeze it with a few drops of water. After melting and flattening, then cut based on the available mold. Incidentally at that time the mold was a crab, although the result did not look like a crab.

From the 2 packs of soap, I can make 3 soap crabs!



How about Sun Catcher? Well, first you have to cut the rope first, then insert the contents of the decoration one by one. What needs to be considered is how to tie the rope on each decoration, then the distance between the decorations from one another.

Oh yes, this Sun Catcher is little bit long but it looks beautiful. It is very suitable for home decoration.

Sun Catcher-before

Sun Catcher-after


Honestly we didn't plan to do this activity beforehand, once we arrived at Oido Red Observatory we found Oido Red Craft and it looked interesting to try. Plus, we got there after lunch where the sun was scorching hot. After us, there were several groups who tried this craft. Indeed, most of the participants are children, but adults don't matter!

The price of 5,000won to do this activity can be said to be a little expensive, but we can return the investment simply by uploading this activity on SNS (instagram). So price doesn't matter anymore!

Craft making is fun as well as our time to rest. So, if you have more time when you come to Oido Beach, why not give it a try?

Get 5,000 local cafe coupun for each!

Friday, 15 July 2022

Oido Beach, Siheung City, Gyeonggi Province

This trip is sponsored by Gyeonggi Province as '2022 별빛유량단 서포터즈'.

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