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June 19, 2022

Try spending a night in a traditional Korean house, Hanok? Why not?

After approximately 3.5 years living in South Korea, I finally had the opportunity to spend the night in a traditional Korean house called 'Hanok' or 'Hanok Stay'. Many places or cities in Korea offer a 'hanok stay' experience. If you often hear about Seoul (Insadong), Jeonju, and Gyeongju City which are famous as a Korea traditional areas, then you may try 'Hanok Stay' in these areas.

In this article, I want to inform you about 'Hanok Stay' in another city, namely 'Hadong'. This city is located in Gyeongsang Province, closely adjacent to Jeolla Province.

Almost Home Stay Hadong
Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do 85 Pyeongsari-gil, Akyang-myeon

Front Gate of Almost Home Stay

The View

Guest Welcoming Room

Hanok Stay in Unnakjae

I had the opportunity to spend the night at Almost Home Stay, Hadong in the 'Unnakjae' room type. Enough for 2 people to live in. This room type consists of a sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The main point in this house is the bedroom which is connected to the living room. This lounge has a window that directly faces the outside. So, try to relax with a cup of tea in the morning, open the window and enjoy the morning view!

in front of Unnakjae

The Evening View

The Room (photo by Almost Home Stay Hadong)

Morning View


Even though I've explored Korea quite often, I'm usually stay at a hotel or friend's house (if I have friends live there). Getting the chance to 'Hanok Stay' is a pleasure for me especially because I am a foreigners living in South Korea. Because take a lodging in Hanok is usually quite expensive than the usual lodging.

I love the combination of brown and white of Hanok itself, the room ambience, plus the good service and the view around the Almost Home Stay Hadong area.

Do I will have another chance to stay in Hanok?

*This 'Hanok Stay' is sponsored by @travelweek.kto
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