Flowers by Naked Hongdae

December 24, 2021

Flower Exhibition at Hongdae, Seoul! Let's take a sightseeing and a lot photos!

Flowers by Naked, Hongdae

Event : April 30~December 31th, 2021

Price: 20,000 won (foreigners may get free entrance by Discover Seoul Pass)

1. Chill

"이미 끝나 있는 줄 알았는데, 나 혼자 그리 보았던 거야. 너는 여전히 부지런히 살아가는 중인데 말이야."

2. Dandelion

"퇴근길에 민들레 홀씨를 봤어. 어릴 때 널 마주쳤다면 친구들과 너나 할 거 없이 달려가 후후 너를 불었겠지. 내 기억 속 저편에 존재하던 순수한 감정이야. 오래만에 한번 붙어보자."

3. Glowing Garden

"그 때의 감정을 기억합니다. 새로운 만남에 취해였던 그 때의 황홀함을 기억합니다.

그 때의 인연을 기억합니다."

4. Big Flower Garden

"그것에 어울리는 속도로 느끼자. 멈추며 나아가며 그리고 사랑하며."

5. Cherry Blossom Garden

"우리는 늘 더 찬란한 앞을 향해 움직이지. 하지만 잊으면 안 돼.
지금 이 순간 자체가 가장 찬란하게 빛나고 있음을..."

6. Secret of Secret Garden

"이제 네 차례야"

How to get there?

Maybe you will find difficult to find it on map. 188, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea.

This exhibition is located in Hongdae, Seoul. If you come by train (subway) then find exit no.5 (Gyeongi Jungang-seon). There will be a building just beside the exit and go to 4th floor!


The price offered by the attraction in 'Flowers by Naked' is quite expensive. However, if you are a foreign citizens, get the 'Discover Seoul Pass' and be able to enter for FREE or DISCOUNT to several places offered in Seoul and its surroundings.

I used 'Discover Seoul Pass' one day to get free entrance to Flowers by Naked, Hongdae Seoul for second destination.

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Seoul, 18th December 2021

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