Toujours Bakery Cheonan

September 18, 2021

Love to know there are large area of Bakery House in Cheonan City.
Not only bread and drinks, they also offer the view and class for baking. Come and visit Toujours Bakery at Dolgama branch, Cheonan.

Toujours Bakery, Cheonan (뚜쥬르과자점 돌가마점)
Dongnamgu Pungsero 706, Cheonan Chungcheongnamdo (충남 천안시 동남구 풍세로 706)

Cafe and Bakery

This bakery house has a large area consisting of various types of buildings that are used for various purposes. They have 2 cafes, the first is located at the entrance, and the second is in the back area. My friend and I chose the cafe located at the back because it has a garden view.

Don't worry about the bread, because both at the first and second cafes, we can order the bread home-made.

The First Cafe

The Second Cafe

Bakery and drinks

Other Buildings

What buildings are there besides the cafe? There are a bakery house as a place for making bread, a small museum, a home for cooking classes, and another small house for exhibition. When I was there, a bread cooking class was being held. What's unique about these houses is that they are shaped like a Teletubbies house. If you know what Teletubbies is hehehehe.

Bread House

Home for Cooking Class

Another Small House

Garden and the Herb House

Behind the second cafe, which is backside area of this bakery, there are view to garden. There are garden with the Herb House. All the ingredients for the bread and drinks in this place come from plants grown in this house. There are lemon grass, chocolate mint, etc. The herb house keeper even allowed us to touch the leaves to know the smell of the plants.

Herb House

Inside of the Herb House

How to get there?

I took public transportation from Cheonan Terminal to Toujours Bakery. It's take about 30 minutes by bus, the bus stop is close to the Toujours Bakery. You may take bus no. 600, 601, 620, and 621.

Cheonan Terminal -> Toujours Bakery by bus

Cheonan, 8 September 2021
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