Cafe Roo Cheonan

September 26, 2021

New Cafe near Cheonan Station, with full of instagram-able spots?
Here, come to Cafe Roo!

Cafe Roo 카페 루, Cheonan (near Cheonan Station)
Cheonan Dongnam-gu Seobudaero 531-20 (충남 천안시 동남구 서부대로 531-20)

Bakery and Beverage Menu

A variety of bakeries are served, so we just can take the bakeries we want. They also prepare some beverage to drink with. My friend and I came there on late summer / early fall, so we chose cold drinks: latte and strawberry.

If you get nice seats, you may also enjoy your beverage and bakery with view. Like us!

Bakery and Beverage with View

Beverage Menu


Instagram-able Spots to Visit

We looked for a cafe that was quite close to Cheonan Station, because after had cafe-time my friend will go back by train. We tried to find beautiful cafe in this area. Yes, we found 'Cafe Roo'!

Honestly, we were interested in going here because sure we could get lots of beautiful photos here. Cafe Roo is full of white background, from the 1st to 2nd floors. Exterior and interior are beautifully made like in a hotel. We came on the afternoon and got this kind of pictures.


Interior with View

Second Floor with City View

First Floor (Photo Spot)

How to get there?

We may take taxi only 10 minutes from Cheonan Station to Cafe Roo. But if you have a lot of time, then take bus no.800 about 26 minutes.

Cheonan St. -> Cafe Roo by bus no.800

My friend and I

September, 20th 2021.
#cheonan #caferoo

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