Suamgol Village: The Warmth of Cheongju

July 31, 2021

Have you visited North Chungcheong Province yet? If not, I would recommend visiting Suamgol (수암골) Village, an old settlement in Cheongju City that has been revived as a community of culture and art. Located between Cheongju City Hall and Cheongju University, Suamgol Village is easy to find. This attraction is easily reached by taking a bus directly from the Cheongju Bus Terminal. My friends and I recently had the opportunity to see this beautiful village in the heart of the province, and I cannot wait to share what I have learned.

Suamgol Village, Cheongju (수암골)
81-12 Su-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

Mural Art Tour in an Old Alley

The integration of artists within this community led to the creation of various stunning wall paintings starting in 2008. Known as the Suamgol Mural Village, these paintings can be appreciated by visitors who walk along the alley where they are displayed. 

There are comical images, flowers, animals, and communities painted on the walls of the houses. The Suamgol Mural Village’s art tour also serves as a reminder of the past and stirs up old memories among visitors. After the tour, I went to Suamgol Observatory, the highest point in Cheongju City, which offers a fantastic view, especially at night.

Filming Story

After the murals were made, Suamgol became a famous filming site for dramas like Cain and Abel (2009), The Baker King, Kim Tak Gu (2010), Glory Jane (2011), and You Are My Spring (2021). The village even has a statue marking it as a symbol of drama and film.

I also visited Palbong Bread, located at the entrance of the village. Since it was featured in The Baker King, Kim Tak Gu, this local bakery has become a hotspot for tourists and movie fans alike. They offer the best view from second floor!

The Entrance. The Baker King Kim Tak Gu filming location

Second floor with view

You can also get lunch at Yeongwang-ine (영광이네), the guksu (noodle) house that was made famous by Glory Jane.

The Entrance of Yeongwangine Restaurant

Lastly, I recommend you try one of the local cafes. Suamgol boasts of a variety of cafes, and they all have a beautiful view of the area. My friends and I chose the Fullmoon Cafe, the filming location of The Baker King, Kim Tak Gu. Also took photo with cafe background, the filming location of You are My Spring. Then we went to the rooftop and enjoyed the scenery of Cheongju City.

Fullmoon Cafe Interior
Fullmoon Cafe Rooftop

Ohji Cafe, You are My Spring filming location

Suamgol Observatory: the scenary of Cheongju from top

The people my friends and I met in Suamgol Village were all warm, humble, and welcoming. Since moving to South Korea, I have rarely been greeted by strangers on the street, especially in the big cities. But Cheongju presents a different atmosphere. The residents greeted us while we looked around Suamgol Alley. We felt so touched by their warmth that we said hello to every person we saw on the street. We even had a few conversations along the way. I was delighted to meet the residents of Suamgol Village and experience what their local culture had to offer!

*This article also published on Gwangju News August 2021

Cheongju, June 12th, 2021
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