Again, here: Andong Cafe with a View

August 06, 2021

After whole day trip, my friends and I spent afternoon in 'Again, here' cafe in Andong. A little cafe with the best view.

Again, here (다시, 여기서) Cafe

Sinsedong Mural Village, Andong

경북 안동시 성진길 28-13 그림애카페 다시여기서

This cafe located in the top of Sinsedong Mural Village, so you need to go up to find the cafe. There are various mural paintings painted on the wall, so enjoy the mural work while climbing the stairs. You may find the NCT (K-Pop Idol) also painted on the wall.



Drinks and Snacks (photo by @flocarolus)

Sunset View

After resting while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, now is the time to enjoy the view outside the cafe. The sun is starting to set and the breeze is starting to blow, it's time to sit and relax in the front seat of the cafe. Let's enjoy the sunset with views of the city of Andong. Healing!!

photo by @flocarolus

Another thing that impressed me with this place was the service and kindness. The drinks came with some snacks. Not only that, we can refill drinks with a cup of coffee, even if we ordered anything else. Because I don't drink coffee, so they give a water.

Nice time spent and chit-chat with the owner (or the owner's family?), she even offered dinner if we wanted to order delivery. Thank you for the service and kindness!

My friends and I

Andong, July 30th 2021

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