Central Asian Cuisine at Cheonan

June 20, 2021

Karavan, Central Asian Cuisine
Terminal-4gil 4-1, Dongnamgu Cheonan, Cheongcheongnamdo (충남 천안시 동남구 터미널4길 4-1)
Everyday, 10:00

So lucky am I to have Uzbekistan friend and got a chance to try the Central Asian cuisine. We went to 'Karavan' restaurant in the heart of Cheonan City and tried various foods of Central Asia.

We ordered the representative food: Pilaf (the traditional rice with lamb and beef), Kazan kebab (steamed lamb and seasoned potatoes), and Nan (traditional bread). People there love to eat beef or lamb with bread instead of rice. But we ordered all the representative food to try the taste.


Kazan Kebab

We also tried Lagman (pulled noodles with meat and vegetables) as Uighur-Central Asia food. Also Russian-Korean dishes : Morkovcha (carrot salad) as Russian-Korean ethnic food. In Central Asia, there are living communities ethnics Korean. These communities can be traced back to the Koreans who were living in the Russian Far East during the late 19th century.

Tea and Morkovcha


Menu List

Personal Review

First, I would like to share my opinion about interior of the restaurant. It is so clean and looks elegant. For the taste, personally I like the combine food of Central Asia and East Asia food : Lagman and Morkovcha. Ah, maybe because the taste similar with Indonesian food?

How to get there?

Have a walk from Cheonan Bus Terminal (Express/Intercity) to Karavan. It's left side opposite of Cheonan Gallery. Located in 2nd floor.

Cheonan Bus Terminal -> Karavan

Cheonan, 15th June 2021.
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