One Day Trip to Changwon

April 17, 2021

Changwon is the capital city of Gyeongsangnam Provinces, South Korea. The city is one of industrial complex and near by sea.

So! I spent my day to Changwon because one of bestfriend stay and work there. Unfortunately it was raining, but we enjoyed to explore Changwon. Here they are my recommendation course for one day trip in Changwon.

1. The House of Changwon

The House of Changwon was home to Du-cheol, a famous scholar. This house is now used as a traditional lifestyle and culture learning center for studying traditional Korean culture and customs (

09:00-18:00 Free Admission

The Gate

2. Lunch Crab at 해변의꽃게

I love to eat seafood!
I recommend you to try crab in South Korea especially in Jeolla Province. Because Changwon located near the sea, so I think it will be as delicious as crab in Jeolla. 

Now its time for me to try crab in other provinces. Yes! Its approved. Not only the taste but also the side dish. With 20,800/person, you can get soy sauce crab, seasoning crab, and shrimp.

seasoning crab

soy sauce crab

3. Garosugil Time

Do you know that Changwon has Garosugil Street? Garosugil Street not only located at Apgujeong Seoul. There is another Garosugil Street in Changwon.

It is famous with a lot of nice cafes and restaurants, especially in autumn, you may find the street with of autumn leaves.

one of Garosugil Park

Now let's visit one of pretty cafe there!
My friend and I visited '1997 United Kingdom House' Cafe which is full of UK house style.

Coffee Latte & Strawberry

The outside

Changwon, 3rd April 2021
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