1997 United Kingdom House Changwon

April 09, 2021

Try to find nice coffee and bakery shop at Changwon?
Don't worry! There are a lot of pretty cafes in Changwon Garosugil Area.
I tried to go to 1997 United Kingdom House or 1997 영국집 in Changwon Garosugil mainstreet. So pretty!

1997 United Kingdom House (1997영국집)
Euichang-gu Changwon Gyeongnam (경남 창원시 의창구 외동반림로248번길 25)




Excited to see the exterior of UK House, my friend and I going inside in hurry to see the interior. Wow!!! The ambience is too cool.

Anyway, let's order first. We ordered Vanilla Latte and Strawberry Latte. Vanilla latte is the best drink there, so my friend ordered it. In other hand, I ordered the strawberry latte because strawberry is on the season.

They sell bakery on basement, and also sell foreign coffee. The one of them is Indonesia Mandheling Coffee.

Vanilla Latte & Strawberry Latte


Foreign Coffee (there is Indonesia Mandheling)

Bakery on basement


Interior is so cool! I think the owner have lived in UK for many years and decorated the house looks like UK. After took some pictures on 1st floor, we went to 2nd floor. They have some exhibition of 2nd floor. Nice!

1st floor Interior

Let's go to 2nd floor!

2nd floor Exhibition

2nd floor Exhibition

How to get there?

It is located in Changwon Garosugil mainstreet, so you may find it easier. You may to get any transportation with Garosugil street direction. But here is the map from Changwon Jungang Station.

Changwon Jungang St. -> 1997 United Kingdom House

So, next try other cafes at Changwon Garosugil?

Changwon, 3rd April 2021
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