Hello Korea with GFN Radio Broadcast

March 07, 2021

Gwangju Foreign Language Network (GFN) Radio Broadcasting
17 Sajik-gil Namgu, Gwangju (광주 남구 사직길 17)

The Studio

The Program

I remember the first time I was invited to be a guest on the Hello Korea Program. It is a weekly program for foreigners living in Gwangju to experience Korean culture, food, etc. and time for explaining their cultures. I got introduced by my friend and accepted the invitation to be a guest on Hello Korea Program named "What are you doing?".

The program was live on radio and also connected to the YouTube channel. Wow! The last October 2020 was being my first time to be on radio broadcast. The host and 3 of the guests include me came to had a game about Korean food and vegetables. It was so fun!! 

After that, GFN invited me to be a guest weekly. Thank you for giving me such an experience. Me and members shared our story and impression based on the weekly topic. We celebrated Halloween and Christmas, experienced sauna, sang a trot song, also had eating challenge of Korean foods! There were a lot precious experiences to share with other members and listeners.

My first Radio Broadcast

Halloween Time!

Halloween Decoration in Studio

Sauna Time! The Host made clothes design by herself!

I have never thought that I can be joined as one of guests in Hello Korea Program. Not only Hello Korea, I also got invited by another program on this radio. A broadcast experience in English and Korean was so challenging and fun! Glad to know GFN Radio.

Thank you for having me in Hello Korea Program. Keep inspiring and See you again!

Another Program with GFN Radio

Gwangju, February 2021
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