Graduation Photos at Keimyung University

March 13, 2021

Finally I can wear a graduation gown!!!
Yeah, this is my dream since started master degree in Keimyung University, Daegu South Korea.

Although I have to waited 6 month after my real graduation, but wear graduation gown such a nice memory for me. Thank you Keimyung University for being my home for 2 years.

Check my graduation photos with some friends!
Thank you for being there all! ^^
All photos taken by @Son Young Ho.

Graduate School Building

GKS Members + photographer

Indonesian Squad!

Love to know that I am surrounded by nice people. Love to know that I have them in my Daegu's life.
I have graduated, then it your turn guys.
I will wait till that day :) Keep fighting!

Keimyung University Main Gate

19 February 2021
Keimyung University, Daegu South Korea
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  1. Selamat ecil~
    Akhirnya bisa mengenakan baju wisuda.
    Foto-fotonya bagus, didukung dengan cuaca yang cerah sehingga langitnya biru bersih.


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