One Day Trip to Naju Jeolla

February 28, 2021

Naju is a cultural heritage city in South Jeolla Province. Small city who has a lot of historical and traditional feeling. If you ever come to Gyeongju or Jeonju, you may find a same feeling. Nowdays some places rebuild with hanok style.

Here my one day trip itinerary and journey in Naju City. The highlight of this trip is Naju Image Theme Park, the filming site for Korean dramas/movie with historical background.

One Day Trip Route:
Yongsanpo Terminal Area -> Naju Image Theme Park -> Naju Terminal Area 

1. Yongsanpo Terminal Area

My friends and I took intercity bus from Gwangju to Yongsanpo Terminal at 9am. It took about 1 hour. We started our journey from Yongsanpo River area to see the Yongsanpo Lighthouse and the boat. You may take the boat. 

We just went here to took photos and have a walk to see skate-fish street (홍어거리). If you like to eat skate fish then its perfect place to have lunch here. Or you also can eat beef bone soup (곰탕) as Naju's speciality food. Because we don't like skate fish and one of our friend can't eat meat so we choose eat braised spicy angler (아귀찜) for lunch.

Yongsanpo Lighthouse

The Boat

2. Naju Image Theme Park

This is the purpose of our trip! As Korean dramas and movie lovers, visit Naju Image Theme Park is my pleasure. The famous drama took filming here is Jumong (2006), even they have Jumong picture painted in the floor of gate entrance. And the one that I remember is palace part, the filming set for Goblin (2016).

There is shuttle bus inside Naju City, you may follow the schedule to get cheap price. We are 4 person, so its okay to take taxi from Yongsanpo to Naju Image Theme Park.

They divided the area to be 4 places: ordinary people area, noble area, the palace, and small temple.

Map of Naju Image Theme Park

Picture of Jumong

Let's go to the palace!

This trip's highlight!

3. Naju Terminal Area, West Gate

People like to came to around Naju terminal area, because you may walk to see around this area. Especially there are four historical gate here, the cultural heritage.

So after arrived in Naju terminal, we buy the ticket first and look around!
We choose to see the west gate because there is nice cafe and Geumseonggwan Hall nearby. Naju Geumseonggwan Hall was a state-run guesthouse for government officials during the Joseon period.
There are a lot of things to see like Confucian School etc in this area, but we run of out time!

West Gate (서문)

Geumseonggwan Hall

The Cafe: 향교길20

Bungopang! 5pcs in 2,000 won

Naju, 11 February 2021
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