Cafe Drops of Youth at Donggu Gwangju

February 05, 2021

Drops of Youth (DOY)
Gwangju Dong-gu Jisan-ro 37
Mon-Sun 09:00-22:00

Try to find cafe near Chosun University?
Let's go to Drops of Youth (DOY), the cafe full of plants ambience.
This is the one of my favourite cafe in Gwangju, especially because it is located near my house.


They are drinks and dessert. Because I cannot drink coffee, so I only ordered everything related chocolate. Ice chocolate and chocolate shake. Taste good!

Americano and Ice Chocolate

Chocolate Shake


Not only the ambience, but also the comfort.
They choose only instrumental music, it is so comfortable even if you come alone. Yes, for me, I really like to come here with my laptop. It's also convenient to hangout here with friends.

How to get there?

Because DOY is located in Dong-gu, near Chosun University so it is easy to reach by walk and transportation. Well, we may to walk from Chosun University's back gate.

You may also take bus till Salesio Girls High School, ACC St. and Namgwangju St. Here is the map.

DOY and arounds

Gwangju, 6th November 2020
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