Gwangjuho Lake Eco Park

December 19, 2020

Gwangju has ecological park in east part near Mudeung Mountain called 'Gwangjuho Lake Eco Park'. This place is so famous in autumn, while the leaves color changes. Anyway, anytime you may to come for refreshing and relaxing. Keep in touch with environment.

Let's go!

Gwangju Lake Eco Park (광주호 호수생태원)
Buk-gu, Chunghyo-dong, Gwangju Metropolitan City 442-4
Free Admission

Main Gate

Map of Gwangjuho Lake Eco Park

Metasquare, the famous road

Lake Side

Let's have a lunch!

Me and my friend had a lunch in nearby restaurant. We found out cheap and delicious sundubu restaurant. This My friend is a vegetarian, so this restaurant match to her!

If you come on autumn season, I recommend to have lunch first here and have walk into eco park. So, you may to stop in Suri, one stop bus before Gwangjuho Lake Eco Park.

Sundubu, Tofu pajon, and another side dishes

How to get there?

We can take public transportation to get there, yes by bus! Because I have lived near Chosun University, then Sansu ogori is the best way, only take 1 bus about 30-40 minutes from here. The bus is no.187.

Sansu ogori to Gwangjuho Lake Eco Park

Gwangju, 6th November 2020
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