Type of Room around Keimyung University, Daegu

November 13, 2020
I have lived in Daegu for 2 years during my master' degree period. I live in campus dormitory for 1 semester and holiday. And continue live in one room until graduation.

So, I would like to share about room around Keimyung University. Who knows you will be one of student here.

1. Campus Dormitory

This is Keimyung University Dorm for Woman: General Hall and Hyupruk Building

Room of General Building

General Building

Hyupruk Building, toilet inside

Hyupruk Building

2. One Room

One room has a lot of types. I choose room with partition in kitchen. At 2018, one room range about 250,000-350,000won.

Type of One Room


Daegu, August 2020

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