Type of Room around Keimyung University, Daegu

November 13, 2020
I have lived in Daegu for 2 years during my master' degree period. I live in campus dormitory for 1 semester and holiday. And continue live in one room until graduation.

So, I would like to share about room around Keimyung University. Who knows you will be one of student here.

1. Campus Dormitory

This is Keimyung University Dorm for Woman: General Hall and Hyupruk Building

Room of General Building

General Building

Hyupruk Building, toilet inside

Hyupruk Building

2. One Room

One room has a lot of types. I choose room with partition in kitchen. At 2018, one room range about 250,000-350,000won.

Type of One Room


Daegu, August 2020


  1. Hello. I just want to ask about the one room. Is it in the dormitory inside the university or outside of Keimyung? And if it is outside, where is it actually located? thank you

    1. Sorry for late reply.. dormitory is inside the campus.
      One room, two room, gosiwon and others are another type of houses name that you can rent. Let's say its kind of small apartment.
      There a lot near Keimyung Univ, you may go to budongsan. But I recommend you to go with Korean friends for the first time..

  2. Hi,the price for one room is for one month or per semester?

    1. Hi! I think price is change now, it was the price for one month.
      You may asked them directly~


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