Penguin Village, Yangnim-dong Gwangju

November 17, 2020

Yangnim-dong is area which famous with art things cause you will find some house or wall decorated. One of the famous place to visit here is "Penguin Village.

Is there penguin? Nope!
The "Penguin Village" was named after the way the elderly with knee pain walked somewhat like penguins. And there are a lot of old things here.

So, let's explore!

This area is also has some artist's workplace, they sell crafts or handmade things. But yeah, Penguin Village itself feels like outdoor exhibition of old items.

Modern things. For you Army, BTS Fan!

How to get there?

Penguin Village is in Yangnim-dong area, art of street. You may to walk from Gwangju downtown or take bus till Yangnim-gyo. There is a main gate of Yangnim-dong called 'Yangnim History and Culture Village'. Have fun for look around!

Main Gate of Yangnim-dong Village

Gwangju, September 12th 2020.
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