Best Photo Spots at Keimyung University Daegu

November 15, 2020

Do you know South Korea has a lot of beautiful campus?
Because of it, the campus is famous as photo spot and filming location of Korean dramas or music video.

I would like to introduce Keimyung University, Daegu to you.
I live in Daegu about 2 years to pursue my master degree, and I had experience the beautiful scenery inside campus in every season.

So, let's take a look Best Photo Spots at Keimyung University!

Keimyung University has two campus, Seongseo and Daemyung. Seongseo campus is located at Keimyung station (line 2) and Daemyung campus located at Namsan station (line 3). Both campus have beautiful scene especially in autumn and spring. That's why many korean dramas took scenes here as their background. Not only the campus but also its hospital also!

A. Seongseo Campus

1. Keimyung University Gate

Main gate of Keimyung University with big pillars. It famous as Boys Over Flower(2009)'s filming location, the gate of school of Boys Over Flower.

2. Hanok

Keimyung University has Hanok (Korean traditional house) inside. Not only hanok, but there is also a pond in front of hanok. Some of Korean dramas like Extraordinary You shoots here.


3. Adams Chapel

They have chapel inside the campus, but yeah I think it is too big to called as chapel. If you are Christian, then you may come to join mass every Sunday.

Main Gate


4. Dean Office (Administration Building)

5. Trees Road at East Gate

The best and famous spot in Keimyung University, feel like in Nami Island. It is very good spot to take pictures in Keimyung, especially in autumn and spring. Most people lives in Daegu will come to this place for taking pictures, even me always take picture here every season.

Of course many dramas even film has been filming here. 




B. Daemyung Campus

The highlight place of Daemyung Campus, the tree which is located in center of area.
No wonder this place as so famous, dramas like Extraordinary You(2019) and Melting me Softly(2019) were taken filming here.

I didn't have chance to see Daemyung Campus in spring. Anyway, these are autumn and winter session!

I am so happy can meet Keimyung in every season, the beautiful campus in South Korea.
As Korean dramas and movies lover, I am so excited to know that my campus has a lot history of Korean Drama's filming location. 

Daegu, August 2020
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