Public Library at Gwangju, Jeolla Province

October 12, 2020

"Buku adalah jendela dunia", or literary translate into "Books is a window to the world". This is a famous phrase in my country, and yeah for me this phrase is true.

The needs to read books are important, even I am not a university student anymore.

Gwangju Public Library (광주중앙도서관)

광주 동구 장동로 23-16, 동명동 143-14

Weekday 09:00 - 18:00 (due to corona)

Since last of August, I moved to Gwangju, Jeolla Province. Because my former campus is not in Gwangju, I don't have access to use campus library here. So, I tried to find a public library nearby. I am very happy to find a public library nearby at Dongmyeong-dong, Gwangju.


Can foreigners borrow the book? YES!

You can come, read books, and even borrow the books. Just make a membership and get your library card at the same time. 5 books at one time, and each book for 2 weeks. Note: you may show your ID Card as Gwangju resident. Also, they will ask your emergency contact who live in Gwangju.

2nd floor, Books

Due to corona, we can't use reading corner 

Books are on the second floor, 정보자료실. There are various types of books, such as literature, language, history, till multicultural field. 

Beside books, there are also computers room and reading room on another floor. Due to corona, we can't use these room until unpredicted time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your book to borrow!

Gwangju, October 2020

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