Mudeungsan-yangtte, Sheep Farm in Gwangju

September 30, 2020



10:00 - 17:00; Monday off | Ticket 6,000won

Jeonnam Hwasun-gun Hwasun-eup Anyangsan-ro 537

Feel like in Europe? Nice to find refreshing place like here!

After moved to Gwangju, Mudeungsan-yangtte is my first destination to visit. It is located just beside Gwangju. Not only feel the nature, but also you may experience hand feeding here!

Similar but not the same, Indonesia also a lot of goats and of course I have feed them also. But I think this is my first experience to feed the sheep. 

The Home

Feeding Experience!

There is appointed place to feed a sheep. It is only for young sheep. Don't forget to buy the food in the ticket office. Unfortunately, cause it was raining, we can't go closer to the sheep, only give food from outside cage. In usual day, we can go into their cage and give food intimately.

Young Sheep

Hand Feeding

How to get there?

Mudeungsan-yangtte is located in area Hwasun, just beside Gwangju. If you will go by public transportation, then take a bus till Hwasun Bus Terminal, transfer taxi till Mudeungsan-yangtte about 20 minutes.

  1. Let's say that you come from Gwangju Bus Terminal. Take bus 217, 200, 200-1, 216, 217-1, 218, 218-1 till Hwasung Bus Terminal, and then taxi
  2. Let's say that you come from Gwangju Seongjeong Station(KTX). Take subway till Sotae St. Then take bus 1111, 217, 200, 200-1, 216, 217-1. Then taxi. Or take taxi from Sotae St. till Mudeungsan-yangtee about 30 minutes.

Gwangju, 13th September 2020

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