Campus Tour in Gwangju

September 08, 2020
Campus Tour is one of my hobby. I like to see the structure of building, and how the manage areas for supporting students' life.

Here they are 2 biggest university in Gwangju Metropolitan City, Jeolla Province: Cheonnam National University and Chosun University.

Let's check it out!

Cheonnam National University

As a national university, this campus has big areas. The highlight of this campus is metasquare, the trees road. The leaves will be change its colour in fall season.

I will visit this campus again and update it!

Main Gate
Metasquare Road

About 5.18 Movement
Cheonnam Museum

Chosun University

As a public university, there is no doubt it has beautiful campus. We can see the elegance building, top view, and rose garden.

I recommend you to come to enjoy the sunset!

The highlight of campus

The stairs to the building
Top view: Enjoy the sunset

Gwangju, September 2020
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