One Day Trip in Gunwi-gun, Filming Location of Little Forest

August 03, 2020
If you live in Daegu, then it will be good if you visit Gunwi-gun. Gunwi-gun is located in north of Palgongsan Daegu, which is part of North Gyeongsang.

It is not big city, but a village for healing trip. If you know "Little Forest" movie, then come and enjoy Gunwi-gun for one day trip!

1. Visit Filming Site of "Little Forest"

This place is famous with "the house of Hyewon" or "혜원의 집", one of the filming location of Little Forest, Korean movie. 

I recommend you to come here in lunch or before lunch, as first destination to go in Gunwi-gun.

The Kitchen

2. Lunch in Majung Sikdang (마중식당)

If you want to try old Korean food with good price, then you may to try this restaurant. There are bibimbab, old lunch box, mandhu. Located near Hwabon Station, open at 11:30.

You also may choose guksu 국수 nearby. Both restaurant are famous.

Menu of Majung Sikdang

3. Visit Hwabon St. (화본역)

The station also appear as background of "Little Forest" movie, and famous for take picture in rail. You may to borrow the hat of rail workers. It has also cafe inside the train, but sorry I didn't go there.

4. Take a rest in Cafe Stone

This place has a camping ground for rental. And also a cafe.
It was good for take a rest, taking photos and get the ambiance. But if you looking for the drink with a taste personally I say no.

It's kindly difficult to find this cafe on map. So, you may choose SS Camping Site in map.

Photo Zone Spot

How to get there?

I went there with a car for a day. There is a bus for public transportation, but you don't know when the bus will come. 

You may to use bicycle for looking around Hyewon's house to see the nature. But I don't recommend use bicycle from house to station cause it take about 11.2 km or around 30 minutes.

And here are the one day trip course! Hyewon's House (Little Forest filming location) -> Lunch in Majung Sikdang -> Hwabon Station -> Cafe Stone

Gunwi-gun, August 8th 2020
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