'Makanan' Bali and Southeast Asia Restaurant at Daegu

August 17, 2020
An ASEAN Restaurant at Daegu? 
Come to 'Makanan' which is managed by Korean Chef.

Daegu Junggu Dalguboldero 445 Street 36 (대구 중구 달구벌대로 445길 36)
Tue-Sun 11:30~21:00, Sunday off

Laksa, Nasi Goreng, Pad See Ew

Vegetable Spring Roll

Meal Menu
Beverage Menu

The Ambience

The Interior


Surfing Board

Happy to finding another ASEAN restaurant at Daegu! 'Makanan' has good ambiance especially with interior Bali, Indonesia. The Chef had lived in Bali some years ago. 

For taste, actually it is not authentic taste of ASEAN food. Lack of salt? (Anaknya demen gurih). Maybe because main costumer is Korean. But they serve food with detail seasoning likes ASEAN and has good taste.

So don't worry!

How to get there?

'Makanan' is located near Kyungpook Hospital st. line 2. It just take 8 minutes walk from Kyungpook Hospital station.

Daegu, August 16th, 2020
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