Rully Coffee, The Roastery Coffee in Daegu

July 22, 2020
Are you coffee lovers?
How about have a taste of roastery coffee in near Gomo Station, Daegu?

Everyday 10:00 - 23:00
Daegu Suseong-gu Gomo-ro 188 (대구광역시 수성구 고모로 188)

Its about coffee.
They roast coffee beans and make specialty blend coffee and single origin coffee. We can see the roaster machine and also see how they drip the coffee. Rully Coffee only sell drinks contain of coffee, as their specialty.

That's why I recommend this cafe for coffee lovers! 

Single Origin Coffee: Columbia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil

The Taste!

They have limited menu, also some hydra coffee. Unfortunately I can't drink coffee, but they also sell the non-caffeine coffee here.

I chose ice cream coffee without caffeine. Yes, I really enjoyed the taste, especially in this summer vibes. When the ice cream melting, i feel like the taste like dalgona coffee.


Milk tea coffee, Ice Cream Coffee, Colombia coffee, and free of blend hand rip coffee

The Ambience

Interior and exterior of cafe is full of brown color. The ambience suits the taste of coffee well, especially bricks. No doubt there are a lot of people come here in the afternoon. Locals said there will be lines on the weekend. We are so lucky come on the weekdays!

Cafe Interior
Cafe Exterior
In front of Rully Coffee

How to get there?

Rully Coffee is located in Suseong-gu area, near Gomo Station. I recommend you this course:
1. Visit Gomo Station, which is mini exhibition history of the old railway Daegu (click here to know more the details)
2. Have dinner or lunch in Gomo Station Octopus Restaurant (beside Rully Coffee)
3. Last, come to Rully Coffee

So, Rully Coffee is 4 minutes walk from Gomo Station. If you come by subway then take Yeonho st. line 2 (연호역) then take a bus or taxi about 10 minutes till here.

Have a walk from Gomo Station to Rully Coffee

Daegu, July 18th 2020
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