Gomo Station Daegu, A History

July 18, 2020

Suspension does not mean blocking past memories.
Gomo Station is bringing back the old memories to enjoy in the present.

Daegu Suseong-gu Gosan 2-dong (대구광역시 수성구 고산 2동)
10:00 - 18:00 Monday Holiday, FREE

About Gomo Station

Gomo Station is a railway line in Daegu, South Korea that had linked Gyeongsang Province to capital city since 1925. The station has been suspended since 2006, and it almost demolished at that time.

The Suseong-gu mayor and locals were struggling to preserve the station, in the result they make a mini culture exhibition to commemorate the history of Gomo Station as Daegu and Gyeongsan's railway.

It is not only about transportation line. In 1949, a song by Hyeon-In with title '비 내리는 고모령' or 'rain in the Gomo' became popular. Then in 1969, a film with the same title was released. In the background of Gomo Station, it has a story about mother and son who had to be separated because son had to go to war at that time. The sorrow was described by rain falling to Gomo Station.

The story is a memoir of the locals. Hope Gomo Station and mini culture exhibition can recall its history for older generation and keep its existance for future generations.

The story behind the song and movie

The Movie

Experiences in Gomo Station

1. Railway Worker's Uniform (free)

Free Uniform Experience

2. Listening the Song

3. Make your Wish and Send a Letter

Wish Ticket

Wish Tickets and Pictures

How to get there?

A station near Gomo Station is Yeonho St Line 2 (연호역). After take off in exit 4, we have to take 'Suseong 2' bus about 5-10 minutes till front of Gomo Station. Unfortunately, the bus interval is not often and only operate until 6 pm. So, I recommend you to take taxi instead since the distance is not too far.

Bus Stop from Yeonho St. line 2 to Gomo Station

Map from Yeonho st. line 2 to Gomo Station

Daegu, July 17th, 2020
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