Things to Do in Suseong Lake, Daegu

June 28, 2020
One of the most popular place to visit in Daegu is Suseong Lake.
The good place to walk with your love one, family, or friends. There are some kids area, that's why there are a lot of families come in weekend.

Don't forget also to take a rest in cafe nearby, have a nice chit-chat with Suseong Lake as a view.

Suseong Lake / Suseongmot (수성못)
Daegu Suseong-gu Dusan-dong (대구광역시 수성구 두산동)

1. Have a walk around the Suseong Lake and enjoy the sunset!

Have a seat for a while

2. Try to ride the duck ship (오리배)

3. Time to play!
in park

4. Take a rest in cafe nearby
Suseong Lake is surrounded by cafes, so you may to take a rest in cafe nearby. 
Pocket Cafe
Govason Cafe

5. Shopping Street

How to get there?

Suseong Lake is located in Suseongmot (TBC) / 수성못 station line 3, upper ground train. Have a walk about 15 minutes and you will find it.
Suseongmot St. Line 3

From Suseongmot St. to Suseong Lake

Daegu, June 27th 2020
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  1. Cil, lo nyobain 오리배 nya enggak? berapa bayar sewanya, kalau disana?
    Btw udah boleh jalan2-jalan tanpa masker?

    1. ga hehehe, 15rb won berduaa dill..
      ohh tentu belum boleh, ini kan pas foto aja gue lepas maskernya :D

    2. kok ga nyobain cil, seru padahal kayaknya.
      Oh, iya juga,,hehe

  2. parah sih! jadi pingin banget jalan- jalan korea! makasih infonya kak! bermanfaat sekali!


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