A Heart from Keimyung University Daegu in Covid-19 Pandemic

April 27, 2020

A Heart from Keimyung University Daegu in Covid-19 Pandemic

I live in Daegu, the city where Covid-19 is spread the most in South Korea. The spread of the virus in this city began in the middle of February 2020 and everything has changed much since then. As the city with the largest Covid-19 patients in South Korea, it can be said that activities outside the home is being limited. Social distancing (or physical distancing) is started, also work from home and online class. On the other hand, the hospital started to be very busy.

Me, as one of foreign students who live in Daegu can't do anything except just at home. Started to find an interesting way of being active at home, online class, try to make new foods, video call with family and friends, workout at home. And ended delivery food more than before yeah. Of course I also went outside after days ahead with mask, to get food or some groceries in the mart, walk in the park, etc. The things that you can do just only by walk.

In this situation, fortunately I as Indonesian get some masks and get monitored by Indonesian Embassy. Thank you for your support, Indonesian Embassy in South Korea. In the other hand, to be honest, I never expect any kind of support from Korean Government especially from university, cause I just a foreigner here. But, I was wrong. My university, Keimyung, has a big heart to support their students in this kind of situation. That's why, I would like to share their supports to you all through this article. 

First, Box of Food and a Support Letter
It was in the middle of March 2020. Everything was postponed so we were in the middle of waiting for new semester. From 16-18th of March, Keimyung University gave a box of food to all foreigner students here. It consists of rice, noodles, and soups. They even gave us a letter to cheer up our spirit and health during Covid-19.

A Heart from Keimyung University Daegu in Covid-19 Pandemic
Box of Food and a Letter

Second, 2 pieces of Mask
The urgency to wear mask in Daegu is very high. Anyone must wear mask during outside activities. Korea had implemented the mask purchase system based on date of birth from the 9th of March. So, foreigners who want to buy mask need to show not only foreigner ID but also Korean government insurance. But unfortunately, not every foreigner has a government insurance so it's kind of hard to buy mask at that time.

I am so glad that Keimyung University Graduate School gave mask 2 pieces for foreigners on 1st April.
A Heart from Keimyung University Daegu in Covid-19 Pandemic
Mask with the background of our graduate school

Third, Another Food and 1 piece of Mask
Our offline class which should be started in the beginning of April, got extended till 13th April. Then to cheer up all students, Keimyung University Graduate Schools gave some foods and also mask to us at 8th April.

Btw, we still on going on online class till the end of April. Still not sure about Mei, but for undergraduate class will be online for one semester.
A Heart from Keimyung University Daegu in Covid-19 Pandemic
Another Foods and Mask

Fourth, Scholarship
I think it is the biggest heart of Keimyung University. They granted 200,000 KRW scholarship as 'Covid-19 Student Hardship Fund' for all students in Keimyung University. The thing that you need to do is apply! They are 2 options: (1) applying to get the scholarship or (2) applying to donate to others.

I applied for getting scholarship, and I just checked that I got the scholarship by today (27th April).

Thank you a lot, Keimyung University! I have never thought I would get this huge help from the university, how they concern students especially foreign students. I am so proud to be part of Keimyung University.

Let's keep fighting for against Covid-19, keep healthy!!

Daegu, April 27th, 2020
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