Things to Eat in Daegu

January 17, 2020
I want to try some foods in Daegu!
Let's take some time to have culinary here, some traditional foods origin by Daegu.

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1. Gopchang and Makchang (곱창-막창)

Gopchang and makchang are food made by intestine part of cow and pig, original food in Daegu. So if you are Muslim, then you may to choose the cow part. Gopchang is small intestine, makchang is the final part of it or called the abomasum. There are two types: grill and soup. But I recommend to try the grill one. What is the difference with samgyeopsal or other grill then? Mhmm, the taste and also the sauce!

Because gopchang and makchang are popular in Daegu and Gyeongsan Area, we have Gopchang Street which is called Anjirang Gopchang Street, located in Anjirang St. line 1. But, you may try it  everywhere in Daegu.

Things to Eat in Daegu

Things to Eat in Daegu
Anjirang Gopchang Street, Anjirang st. Line 1

2. Napchak Mandu

Napchak mandu is a flat dumpling which is sprinkle chili powder, soy sauce, and vinegar on top of it. Because it is original food in Daegu, then you may find it everywhere. The original store is 'Miseongdang', store located in Namsan st. line 3.
Things to Eat in Daegu
Napchak mandu

3. Traditional Tteokbokki

Who don't know tteokbokki? There are a lot of brand of tteokbokki in Korea. But, you have to try 'sinjeon tteokbokki' in Daegu. It is local brand of tteokbokki and even has it's own museum!

Sinjeon Museum just opened at January 17th, near Chilgok St. Line 3. But you have walk a little bit or take a bus to get there. Anyway, you can taste it in store near by cause sinjeon tteokbokki has a lot stores in Korea, even in foreign.

Things to Eat in Daegu
Sinjeon Tteokbokki Set

Things to Eat in Daegu
Sinjeon Museum (pic. by google)

4. Chicken Gizzard (닭똥집)

The old chicken gizzard street in Daegu is located in Pyeonghwa Market, area Sincheon st. line 1. They are a lot stores here, but I recommend '고인돌' as the popular one here.

Things to Eat in Daegu
Gizzard Street at Pyeonghwa Market
Things to Eat in Daegu
고인돌, 닭똥집 가게
Things to Eat in Daegu
Menu of gizzard

5. Find varieties of food in Traditional market (시장)

Traditional market in Daegu which operated from noon to night. If night come, then traditional market change into booth of varieties food. Night market become popular nowdays in Daegu. There are varieties foods and also little concert from street dancer or street singer.

a) Seomun Market (서문시장)

Noon in Seomun Market
Seomun market is the largest traditional market in Daegu, famous as textile and sewing industries in Daegu. At noon, market will be busy with fabric shops and traditional dishes in other sides. If you come to here at noon, then you have to try kalguksu-sujebi, napchak mandu, tteokpokgi, kkalbijim, and hotteok. Kalguksu (칼국수) here are so popular and cheap.

Night in Seomun Market
Everyday 19:00-23:00. Seomun Market st. line 3.
Things to Eat in Daegu
Seomun Night Market (pic. by

Things to Eat in Daegu
One of food in Seomun Market

b) Chilsong Market (칠성시장)

Noon in Chilsong Market
Chilsong market is the second largest traditional market in Daegu. You may find fish and vegetables at noon. There are donuts, jokbal, and seafood here.

Night in Chilsong Market
Weekdays 18:00- 23:00, Fri & Sat 18:00-24:00. Chilsong Market st. line 1.

Things to Eat in Daegu
Chilseong Night Market
Things to Eat in Daegu
One of food in Chilseong Night Market

There are a lot of places for culinary in Daegu that you can explore. But, I recommend you to visit these places in first hand. Well, Bon appetit!

Daegu, 17 January 2020
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