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January 04, 2020
Things to Do in Daegu EWorld

Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. It is located in south-eastern Korea, near Busan than Seoul. Daegu is officially known as Daegu Metropolitan City (대구광역시) and a city surrounding by mountain.

Have you ever heard 'Daefrica' (Daegu Africa)?
Yeah, it is nickname for Daegu as the hottest city in South Korea. That's why Daegu hold Chimek (chicken-mekju) event in every summer. The best time to visit Daegu is in spring and autumn actually, but winter will not be a problem. The weather will not drop too much and not as cold as Seoul weather, but it is hard to find snow in Daegu.

Daegu Metropolitan City, Daegu-Gyeongbuk
Metro/Subway line 1 (red), 2 (green), 3 (yellow-upperground)
Jung District, Dong District, Seo District, Buk District, Nam District,
Suseong District, Dalseo District, Dalseong Country 

Mostly things to do in Daegu are surrounded in downtown named Dongseong-ro. So, if you have only one day in Daegu then you may to visit here. But, I will introduce other places too.

Let's check it out!

1. Downtown, Dongseong-ro (동성로)

Daegu has only one downtown which is located in Dongseong-ro. You may to go by Banwoldang st. line 2 exit 13 or Jungangro st. You will have many things to do since it is downtown: sightseeing, restaurants and cafes, bar-club and of course shopping!
*I will update with my own picture.

a) Shopping; from branded store until local store (price-less)
Things to Do in Daegu Dongseongro
Dongseong-ro, downtown of Daegu (photo by wikipedia)

b) Sightseeing of traditional things: Church, Old house of Lee Sang Hwa and Museum of Oriental Medicine
Things to Do in Daegu Gyesan Church
Gyesan Catholic Church (photo by tripadvisor), there is also Christian Churh in the opposite side.

Things to Do in Daegu Old house of Lee Sang Hwa
Old House of Lee Sang Hwa (photo by daegucity)
Things to Do in Daegu Museum of Oriental Medicine
Museum of Traditional Medicine (photo by tripadvisor)

c) Spark Daegu
Located in downtown Daegu, Spark Department Store has open space in rooftop. And also the bianglala.

Things to Do in Daegu
(pic by google)

2. Kim Gwang Seok Street (김광석 거리)
The singer from Daegu, Kim Gwang Seok. One street with full of mural, you may take photos and play like tourist with stamp tour. Find the detail here!

Things to Do in Daegu Kim Gwang Seok Street
One of painting of Kim Gwang Seok

3. Open Space: Park, Lake, and Theme Park

a) Daegu Theme Park: E-World
Theme Park included tower, located in Duryu st. line 2. I recommend you to come early to get chance for varieties games inside and wrap up with lighting in the night.

Things to Do in Daegu EWorld
E-World in the night

b) Suseongmot (수성못)
This is the lake surrounding by cafes in Suseong-gu area. Take subway line 3 Suseongmot st.
Check the detail here.

Things to Do in Daegu Suseongmot

c) The ARC
A ship building, public space in Dalseongun Area. It is located near Keimyung University Seongseo campus, Daesil st. line 2. Find the detail here!

Things to Do in Daegu The ARC

d) Dalseong Park (달성공원)
Public space with some animals inside! This is the chance to try upper ground subway, line 3 Dalseong Park st.

Things to Do in Daegu Dalseong Park
Dalseong Park

4. Hiking

a) Apsan (앞산)
Although it is a mountain in Daegu, but you may to visit here in a while. Take bus until Apsan and have a little bit walk until cable car. The last cable car to go down is at 7 pm.

Things to Do in Daegu Apsan Park
Apsan Observatory

b) Palgongsan and Donghwasa Temple (팔공산 - 동화사)
The highest mountain in Daegu (I think). Take red bus (급행1) until Palgongsan. Then you may start to hiking or take the cable car. But you still have to walk along to get to cable car station. Since you are in Palgongsan, then don't forget to visit Donghwasa temple just by walk.

Things to Do in Daegu Palgongsan
Palgongsan, the way to cable car

c) Biseulsan (비슬산)
Home of azalea, best on spring. I will go there next spring, who will join?

5. Sinjeon Museum: Sinjeon Tteobokki Museum
The first museum of tteokbokki in Korea. As tteokbokki local brand in Daegu, this museum just opened at January 17th, 2020. The location near Chilgok st. line 3.

Things to Do in Daegu
(pic. by google)

6. Filming Location: Keimyung University (계명대학교)

There are two location of Keimyung University in Daegu. First Daemyung Campus at Namsan st. line 3 and second Seongseo Campus at Keimyung st. line 2. I recommend you to come here to have sightseeing and take many pictures, because a lot of korean dramas took film here!
Things to Do in Daegu Keimyung University
Daemyung Campus

Things to Do in Daegu Keimyung University
Seongseo Campus

So, when will you come to visit Daegu?
You may find other story about 'Things to Eat in Daegu'!

Daegu, January 4th 2020
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