Volunteer Experience as a Barista and Bank Staff

August 20, 2019

How about try to be a barista or even a bank staff?
Let's give elementary and junior high school students a chance to have experience of these jobs! Who knows, it can be their job in the future?

This is my volunteer activity with "Youth ON Action" Daegu. All experiences are in cooperation with Daegu Bank Education Center.

Be a Barista

Be a coffee maker? A chance for elementary and junior high school to learn how to make a coffee. There are coffee bean, coffee machine, milk, and a glass. With a barista trainer, he explains the steps for making a cup of coffee in detail. Start to crush the bean, take into the machine with water, and blend with milk. 

Can they make it?

Be a Bank Staff

Before we start the experience, we have to know what is bank and history behind it. And what kind of bank types exist in South Korea? So, we get explanations through the short orientation.

Explore Bank Vault

The Bank is connected to money, a place where money saved. The first thing, we have a look inside of the bank vault. There are a lot of boxes there. One side for cards and paper things, and another side for safe deposit box, including money and gold. Of course, there are only replicas, but they have the same weight with the real one.

Create my own Account Bank

Take your line number, wait in line, and go to bank teller. Yes, all students try this steps to create their own bank account. Some students try a role as costumers and some as bank staff.

First, students as staff get training how to greet their costumer based on the manual.

Second, the costumers give their documents to staff and staff will process it.
Third, costumer needs to give their sign also set their account password.

Forth, staff process the book account. And book account is finished!

Looks like a simple experience, but they are so excited. Even me, I really want to try it also. I asked some students about what is the most favorite activity today, and mostly answer 'be a bank staff''. Aha! I thought it would be a barista.

I'm appreciated with a company who makes Education Center like this. I believe it will be a new way to understand their dreams, especially for them who experience it for the first time.

See you on the next activity!

Daegu, August 8th 2019
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