Beomeo Public Library in Daegu

March 02, 2019

As a student, I need some materials related to class. The best one to find books is in the campus library, but sometimes books already borrowed by others. That's why I need to go to another library, or public library.

The one that I visited is Beomeo Public Library in Suseong District. Actually, I just need to go to the public library near my house instead. But because of my curiosity, I pass 30 minutes through subway to visit Beomeo Library.

Beomeo Library (서성구립 범어도서관)
Weekday 09:00-22:00* ; Weekend 09:00-17:00
Daegu, Suseong-gu, Dalgubeoldae-ro 2461 (대구광역시 수성구 달구벌대고2461)

Beomeo Library is easy to find. It is located near Beomeo station, subway line 2. You may go to exit no.8 and library will be on the left side. Beomeo Library has five floors plus basement, each floor provides materials except 1st floor.

Floor Information

Basement 1st: Baby and Children Material
1st Floor: Gallery, Head of Library Office, Staff Office
2nd Floor: International Material, Cafe
3rd Floor: General Material 1 & 2
4th Floor: General Material 3 (Multimedia Room), Culture Classroom
5th Floor: Education Room, Scholarship, Teenager Counseling Center

Third floor or General Material 1-2 are the most favorite places visited by Korean. Not only to borrow books, but they also study or read it there. When I came, it was 6-7 pm and tomorrow is long weekend, but a lot of people were there. From teenager to adult. Do you imagine how is difficult Korea's life here?

There are various genres of books in General Material. Science, history, psychology, literature, until books for dementia and books with big letter.

General Material Room

Fourth floor is General Material 3, let's just call it Multimedia Room. This is a room for using public computers or own notebook. Remember, multimedia room always separated with general room in Korean library.

You may also watch movie here. Please select movie from the list, let staff know, and you may turn on it at DVD's watching space. Another room is Culture Classroom, which is open while class on going.

Public Computers
DVD or movie list
Watching Movie Space

Let's go down to Second floor, which is International Material. All materials here are in English or other languages, such as Russian, Deutsch, Spain, Turkey, Japan, even Mexico. On the right side of the room, there is Kenya corner and also souvenirs which are donated by another countries.

International Material Room
International Books

Kenya Corner

So, how to borrow books?

Even you are foreigners, don't worry! If you live in Daegu or Gyeongsan, then you may borrow books here, because I did. First, of course you need join as a member, but you may make it via website easily. Second, you just only to show alien registration card to staff and they will give you member card.

Notes: Everyone can use library. 1 person can borrow 10 books, each for 15 days. For elder 20 days and disabilities 30 days. But you can't extend your borrowed books, after return it you need 6 days to borrow it again.

For returning books, Beomeo Library is integrated with other libraries in Suseong Distric, so you may return it there. When you return it, you may use smart machine's return books!

Library Using Information*
Return books machine

It said the book is window of knowledge. But unless you read it, the book has only been a dead good. -emmasabatini-

Daegu, 28 February 2019
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