Impressive Moments in 2015

December 31, 2015
"What are your Impressive Moments in 2015?" 
That questions came from my team leader in company while we were in team dinner for end year celebration. Simple questions but hard to answer. I've never think about it before, just focus on my next year resolution. Then it makes me think deeply about my life in 2015, what happen and what is my Impressive Moments in 2015.

1. First, in work life, is being The Winner of Corporate Culture Dance 2015.

I love to dance, it is the basic reason to join this competition. It was a competition to have an own choreography and dance movement about our Corporate Culture song which is held in our company anniversary 5th. It is a chance, although it will be difficult to ask others to join as a team but fortunately, there are 4 people love to join with me. Make a choreography and practice after work in some days for best performances.

The Day is come, and yeah! We got first place of Corporate Culture Dance Competition. It is one of my impressive moment this year, it is not about being number one or get the first price, but it's about a proud. All members in company were dancing with choreography that made by me, and the dance itself being company's Corporate Culture Dance. At Anniversary Day on 26 August 2015, all members follow the movement and dance together with us. I can imagine neither!

2. Second, the biggest impressive moments in my life is, Travel in Indonesia and being a Volunteer.

Travel spends much money. Yes, I'm agree with this but it's worth than spend money to shopping or just drink coffee for no reason (nongkrong cantik), right?

I love to travel, yes I am! Because of my working place, I have to stay in Cilegon every weekdays then I have desire to explore near here on weekend which is I don't need to take annual leave. Kiluan Lampung and Baduy Village are my travel destination, near Banten and I spend weekend only there and it's perfect. There are kinds to travel, so choose your own travel type and go for it. Travel is one of the way to feel and see different world than you have been seen before. No regret, just enjoy! 

East Nusa Tenggara also my travel destionation on 2015, Kupang & Rote Island. But not only travel but it is travel to share because I also being a volunteer for teaching kids, so let's say it is Inspiration in Journey. I joined Rote Mengajar Volunteer batch 1 on April 2015, across the sea and see other island. Meet and live together with citizens, share and inspire kids especially by sharing our profession.

That kind of volunteering is like a drugs to me. That's why on this October, I joined Kelompok Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau (KIJP) #4 Volunteer for teaching kids in Seribu Island. Both destination are volunteering movement but there are differences between. Panggang, Seribu Island is not a tourism place like Rote Island, it just a village without wonderful tourism place, what we can do is truly doing a volunteer and become citizens like them. 

Travel and being volunteer are journey of my life, which is give me more than I can expected before. Both of them give me great things : experiences, friends, self reflection, and chance to be better person. Step forward to my dream, step forward for myself improvement, being close and know more about myself. This is my best impressive moments in 2015.

Life can be flat or be excited depends on your own choice, and I choose to give contribution for my homeland, Indonesia. Thank you for you being part of my incredible 2015! 
So, How about yours?

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