Gwangju, South Korea

October 27, 2012
13-14 October 2012

Gwangju is located in south of Jeolla-do (Jeollanam-do). I went there when there were many festivals in Gwangju, such as Kimchi World Festival 2012.

Notes :
  1. Most of transportation in Gwangju is bus or taxi. Especially in Damyang City, I prefer to take Damyang City Tour or going by bicycle because of complicated bus route.
  2. There are many buses from Seoul to Gwangju. Take bus at Seoul , Central City Terminal to Honam Line-Gwangju. It takes about 3.45 hours. Standard bus 16.900won.
  3. There are many buses in Gwangju U-square Terminal from Gwangju to other city.
  4. There is bus from Damyang to Seoul or other big city like Incheon, but it has exact time. I took standard bus at 5pm about 17.000won. *There is no locker in Damyang Terminal.
  5. You can go to Gwangju also by train, but it’s more expensive than bus.


Gwangju National Museum

Gwangju Bienalle
11.000 won. There is Folk Museum around it. There was Kimchi World Festival that day, which is introduce and sale Korea’s kimchi.

Indonesia's Artistic

Kimchi World Festival 2012

Downton (Chungjonro)
Gwangju’s shopping town and festival place. There were many festivals at that day, and also my Indonesia friends have Indonesia’s Performances.

me and Indonesian friends


It’s about 30minutes from Gwangju downtown till Damyang by bus.
* There are many places that you can see there if go by car or Damyang City Tour.

The good place to see :
  1. Juknokwon (Bamboo Park)
  2. Metasequoia Avenue
  3. Korea Bamboo Park Museum, etc



1박2일 place

bicycle track

Damyang fav food
coffee shop at Damyang Terminal

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